About us

ACM was established in May 2015.

It is one of the companies under the City Football Group. It has football-related businesses in major cities around the world, including football clubs, academies, technical support and marketing companies. ACM aims to increase the participation of on- and off-field football, seek and cultivate the best football match result analysis talents, and provide a wonderful and avant-garde match result quiz project-hedge fund. By realizing these projects-playing attractive football, making the simplest investment projects, attracting our passionate fan community, and adopting unique global and local methods-We are developing a sustainable and socially responsible organization, in line with the meaning of "urban" football to people. The company has established its own Internet football wealth management platform. Registered as ACM Reverse Betting Investment Wealth Platform”, it has obtained Italian certification and legal recognition, and has official branches in Turkey, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Italy, Argentina.

The franchise of this platform focuses on football and works with William Hill to integrate probability and statistics. Calculations, mathematics and other principles make competitive football not only a game, but also a high level comparable to funds and stocks. Profitable investment behavior! The platform adopts the world's latest popular "hedge fund + welfare field + leveling commission" model, It runs simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world, provides bilingual versions, and supports the deposit and withdrawal of global digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Hedge Fund. "Correct" is the term for football betting, and "a wave" of balls is a prediction of the game score. "Hedge funds" are the reciprocal, that is, the predicted score. The correct score. For example, Argentina vs Croatia, the score is 0:3. For hedge funds, as long as they buy scores other than 0:3, they can achieve profitability. Therefore, the probability of a hedge fund's profit is much higher than the correct rate. 17/18, up to 95%!
ACM base
Team photo for the first match of 2021
International football match kicks off
The eighth session of the club's B-level coach training
Club men's football match
Intensive training of the club's children's football team